Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to read your own birthchart

Most of the people like to know their fortune / prediction from their birth chart. Sometime we confused due to the technical languages of Astrologers.

Common FAQs are:
1. What are the numbers representing in any Birth chart?
2. How the person’s Name given or how the sign/ rashi of person get decided?
3. How the Lord of any House in birth chart is decided?

Let’s try to get answer one by one…. We will take above birth chart as an example in this blog topic.

# All Numbers are representing the sign / rashi in birth chart.
1- ->Aries [Mesh]
2- ->Taurus [Vrishabh]
3- ->Gemini [Mithun]
4- ->Cancer [Kark]
5- ->Leo [Sinh]
6- ->Virgo [Kanya]
7- ->Libra [Tula]
8- ->Scorpio [Vrishchik]
9- ->Sagittarius [Dhan]
10- ->Capricorn [Makar]
11- ->Aquarius [Kumbh]
12- ->Pisces [Min]

So as per above chart, in provided birth chart Ascendant house has 12no. It mean person having Pisces Ascendant [Min Lagna]. Same way we can check for the other houses.

# After Birth of any person we creates birth chart. In Birth chart whatever sign holding by Moon that will be the main sign / rashi on which person’s Name will be given.

In above birth chart, House in which Moon is present that has number 5 and as per above no-sign table 5 represent Leo sign so name of the person will be given as per available alphabet characters which represent Leo sign.

# Lord of the any house in birth chart also decided based on sign / rashi.
1) Aries - -> Mars
2) Taurus - -> Venus
3) Gemini - -> Mercury
4) Cancer - - > Moon
5) Leo - -> Sun
6) Virgo - -> Mercury
7) Libra - -> Venus
8) Scorpio - -> Mars
9) Sagittarius - -> Jupiter
10) Capricorn - -> Saturn
11) Aquarius - -> Saturn
12) Pisces - -> Jupiter

So as per given chart in above provided birth chart Lord of the Ascendant house is Jupiter. [As Number 12 is given in Ascendant house and 12 is represent Pisces sign and lord of the Pisces sign is Jupiter].

Next time I will give you some detail about Physical and Mental defects which can predict from Birth chart.


Lokesh said...

very very good post...an easy way of understanding bascis of ASTROLOGY..!

Thanks you for the post

Anonymous said...

thank you...very valuable information

Santhosh said...

Awesome post man.. absolutely very good understanding given but hw can we predict the positions of planets in the birth chart? imean on what basis it will be caluculated?